MovieBox pro APK – Download for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Firestick & Kodi

There are several guides out there today trying to guide people on how to download, install and use MovieBox APK on their mobile devices. However, there is one thing that they don’t tell you, MovieBox is the updated version of Showbox which is an android application.

The fact was that Showbox didn’t work for iOS devices and hence the developers thought of looking for an alternative app to offer the same services for iOS devices.

What is MovieBox PRO?

Moviebox pro is an application for people who would like to stream and watch movies, TV shows, and other entertainment content without any hustle. Majority of the people nowadays want a more entertainment option than just being sited in the house watching TV.

People want to feel like they are carrying entertainment gadgets everywhere they go. This app allows you to stream movies and other contents on the go.

The reality of the matter is that you may feel stressed while you are on the go and lack anything to do. However, with this app, you can always keep yourself entertained regardless of where you are.

How to Install on Various Devices?

This application is compatible with Android devices such as Android smartphones and tablets. You can as well get it on your iPhone, previous versions of iPhone and iPad. If you have a PC, then you can as well get it. It is compatible With the Laptops on Windows and Mac OS.

If you have a PC, then you can as well get it. It is compatible With the Laptops on Windows and Mac OS.

Best Features:

Here are some of the features of MovieBox that you will automatically get after downloading and installing this awesome application.

  • It has a new Built compatible design for both Android and iOS devices.
  • You can always explore your favorite movies, TV shows and get similar results.
  • The other thing is that all unwatched movies will be displayed as random on the app home screen.
  • You can as well create a watch list and watched lists separately. This is another very useful feature that ensures you have an easy time navigating the app.
  • The other thing is that you can look at the film ratings and choose the one you want based on the user ratings and comments. It also allows you an opportunity to look at the movie descriptions.
  • You also have an exclusive opportunity to make your movie collections including your favorite movies.
  • One of the most amazing features is that the app is multilingual and for this reason, it supports several languages in the world including German, English, Turkish, French and many more.


Download MovieBox PRO APK for Android Smartphone & Tablet

To Install MovieBox on your android devices including your android smartphone, smart TV and Tab, you need to first of all open the android settings and enable unknown sources. MovieBox is not available on Google Appstore and hence you need to get it from other websites.

The process of enabling Unknown sources in the tab and the smart TV is just the same with an Android smartphone. Go to settings> security and eventually tap on unknown sources.

After you have enabled the unknown sources, then go to the main menu of the smart TV, Tab or android smartphone. Go to the search engine and look for the official website.

You can get it from other app stores. Select MovieBox or Showbox and eventually click on download. Watch for it downloading and after the process is done, then tap on the pop-up notification to start the installation process.

Once installed, the app will create a shortcut on the home screen. Launch it and you are good to go. You can eventually choose your best movie or TV show and start streaming. Moviebox pro apk is a very useful application.

The greatest thing about it is that it gives you an opportunity to watch unlimited content on your android smart TV. If you don’t want to install it on your smart TV, then you can get it in your android smartphone or tab using the same procedure as described above.

Install MovieBox Pro for iOS(iPhone/iPad) in 2020

Would you like to install MovieBox on your iOS devices? There are several guides available on the internet today but finding an informative guide can be overwhelming.

The process of installing MovieBox on iOS device including the new iPhone X is the same. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the newer versions or the older ones. To download and install MovieBox, follow the below procedure.

Install Emus4u Application:

This is the first thing you should do before you start downloading MovieBox on your iPhone. Open website in your safari browser and choose ‘’install onto your device’’ Icon. You will see a pop-up message asking you to grant permission.

Tap on allow to get the profile management windows. After this, tap on install on the right corner and authenticate app installation by entering the iDevice password.

Download MovieBox on the device:

Emus4u application contains several apps like MovieBox. After you have downloaded and installed Emus4u application, then open it and choose the ‘’APPS’’ tab which is held at the bottom. After that, choose streaming apps and later choose ‘’get next to the MovieBox icon’’

Mark this application as a trusted application. You got the application on other sources other than the app store. For this reason, you should mark it as a Trusted application. Open settings>general>accessibility and choose Profile and Devoice management. After this, choose the enterprise app and tap on ‘’Trust’’.

That is it. You now have the application on your smart device. You can launch it and either stream or download movies, favorite TV shows or even any other content.

Download MovieBox PRO APK 2020 version for PC/Laptop

After following this application closely, am pretty sure that you will be convinced to download it on your personal computer and start using it. However, you need to ensure that you download the application from a trusted website to ensure its malware-free and doesn’t harm your PC.

You should also note that this app is an android application and hence you will be required to get an android emulator on the computer before you continue. I usually recommend using Bluestacks as the android emulator. If you want to download Bluestacks, then just visit the official website and download it. After that, follow all the steps for installation.

Once you have downloaded Bluestacks and installed, then visit the official website for the MovieBox and click download. After downloading, right-click on the APK file open the MovieBox through Bluestacks.

Later follow all the processes to install the application on your PC. After the application has finished downloading, then run MovieBox through the below process. Bluestacks> all applications>MovieBox.

How to Install New MovieBox PRO for Mac & Macbook Air?

To download the app on the Mac PC and Macbook, you need to first of all download and install Bluestacks just like we have explained above. Once the download is complete, then start downloading Android applications on your device. Get it from the official site or any other trusted source.

After the installation, you will just be required to submit your mail ID and registration. After you have successfully installed Bluestacks, launch it and type the name ‘’MovieBox’’ and hit search. It will soon find the desired application and start the download.

After the download is complete, then install the application on your device. Launch it later and enjoy the unlimited movie and other entertainment content.

Mod Apk Features:

When there have some add popping up from time to time while you are watching, then you need to download MovieBox Mod Apk to ensure your watching experience is not compromised. This app doesn’t have any ads on it. If you want to download this MovieBox mod Apk, then follow the same procedure for Android, iOS, and PC.

How to Download & Install Premium Apk?

If you want more features and an improved watching experience, then you can switch to MovieBox Premium Apk. However, you will be required to pay for the subscription. Here, movies are updated more often and there are additional features provided.

MovieBox Unlocker:

If you have just downloaded the application but the device doesn’t allow the app to run, you need to jailbreak or Unblock the device to run it. However, you should note that unlocking your device to run Apps can pose a threat to your phone.

MovieBox Not working issues:

There are a growing number of users online who are complaining about several issues with MovieBox. Some of them Complain that they have downloaded the app but it isn’t working. Some others Issues that when they wanted to download it again, it wouldn’t allow.

There are some of the users who said that after an update, they are unable to download the new version even after clearing enough space on the phone.

To resolve the issues, why don’t you download the latest version or even clear up cache and cookies in your device? Any of the above solutions will work for you.

The Final Verdict:

As we had already stated, MovieBox is the updated version of ShowBox. For this reason, you are pretty sure that everything was done the right way. In my humble opinion, this app is worth trying. However, ensure every time you have a good internet connection and avoid downloading the app from an untrusted source