Renascer (2024)

Renascer (2024)

2024-01-22 TV Globo
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Seasons and episodes

1 Season 1 January 22, 2024


A wealthy cocoa bean farmer with a mysterious connection with nature holds a grudge against his youngest son, since his mother died during childbirth. Things complicate when they both fall for the same woman.


Marcos Palmeira is Coronel José Inocêncio (Zé Inocêncio)
Coronel José Inocêncio (Zé Inocêncio)
Theresa Fonseca is Mariana Paiva Ferreira
Mariana Paiva Ferreira
Juan Paiva is João Pedro Inocêncio
João Pedro Inocêncio
Humberto Carrão is José Inocêncio (Jovem)
José Inocêncio (Jovem)
Duda Santos is Maria Santa Inocêncio (Santinha)
Maria Santa Inocêncio (Santinha)
Antonio Calloni is Coronel Belarmino
Coronel Belarmino
Enrique Díaz is Coronel Firmino
Coronel Firmino
Sophie Charlotte is Eliana Vieira Inocêncio
Eliana Vieira Inocêncio
Juliana Paes is Jacutinga de Arrabal
Jacutinga de Arrabal
Matheus Nachtergaele is Norberto dos Reis
Norberto dos Reis
Chico Diaz is Padre Santo
Padre Santo
Vladimir Brichta is Coronel Egídio
Coronel Egídio